Goodbye to appraisal interviews?

Abolishing performance appraisals was the topic of one of our round table meetings in 2011. It now appears we were ahead of our time. Today, every newspaper or HR magazine seems to write about the sense and nonsense of conducting appraisal interviews. And rightly so, because as an international Mercer study showed, a whopping 95 % of managers are unhappy with their current Performance Management system. Of the companies surveyed, 48 per cent are considering revising their PM system, with two thirds expecting significant or even radical changes.

Overcoming hurdles
We are working on revising the Performance Management systems of a number of clients. These discussions are not always easy. HR departments often offer resistance and managements can be weary of a process overhaul. Fortunately, a drastic approach is not always needed and minor changes can have a major effect. With our Performance Management workshop we can help you explore the scope of your ambitions and draw up a concrete plan of approach that includes steps for implementation and support from a PM tool. If you need an internal project manager or some inspiration and advice, let us know.

New employment relationships
The employment relationship of the future is another subject we are currently working on. Labour relations are changing rapidly. This will be the topic of a round table meeting we are organising in collaboration with SAP and Mercer. Furthermore, we are monitoring developments closely around the abolition of the VAR and identify risks and consequences for our customers. Hiring interim HR professionals can take care of (administrative) resting via Hamstra & Partners, both for the client and the interim professional.

Flexible terms of employment
Optimising employment terms remains a current issue. While interest in the topic is sometimes driven by cost concerns, it can also be aimed at creating flexibility and adding value for the employee. We are currently advising a number of clients on making their terms of employment flexible. The question is what works best: creating your own arrangement or using a collective labour agreement. Sometimes there is no choice but to implement a collective labour agreement. We help our clients compare between collective agreements, make cost calculations and define possible transitional measures.
In the coming months, we will be writing about these topics and more in the reward chapter of a HRM textbook for higher professional education (published by Noordhoff).

We are gaining new insights every day. We use them to inspire and advise our clients and we put them into practice. Our services range from small advisory projects, workshops and training courses to interim projects and a combination of consulting and in-house advice. As a small firm we can be truly flexible. This is what we believe in. And this is what makes us enjoy our work.

We wish you an energetic spring filled with fresh insights!

Lianne Hamstra & Partners