Hamstra & Partners becomes BexerHamstra

We are merging with Bexer! A big step for Hamstra & partners! As of July 1st 2020 we are merging with Bexer, a new reward consultancy firm comprised of a robust team of former consultants for Korn Ferry (previously known as Hay Group). Together we will be stronger, able to offer a wider range of […]

Hamstra & Partners moved offices

A new step in the development of Hamstra & Partners; we moved into a new office. Starting January 2017 our new office adress is Maliebaan 83, Utrecht. We hope to welcome you there soon!

Goodbye to appraisal interviews?

Abolishing performance appraisals was the topic of one of our round table meetings in 2011. It now appears we were ahead of our time. Today, every newspaper or HR magazine seems to write about the sense and nonsense of conducting appraisal interviews. And rightly so, because as an international Mercer study showed, a whopping 95 […]

Hamstra & Partners, in motion!

A few years ago, I could never have guessed how exhilarating launching a new business would be. We recently caught the attention of Elsevier Magazine, which ran a feature using Hamstra & Partners as an example. Like us, our clients are always in motion, which often leads to beautiful and inspiring partnerships. We are proud […]

Rewarding in the here and now

Has the economic crisis prompted you to take a closer look at your reward policy? Are your policies shaped by your principles and philosophy or do you mainly base your policies on rules and regulations? If you were allowed to set up an entirely new reward system, what would it look like? Have you carried […]

A hectic autumn awaits

At long last, the first tentative signs of economic recovery are in the air. And pay rounds, budgeting rounds and appraisals will be keeping us busy these coming months. As a result everything seems to be buzzing with renewed energy. We see it in our clients and we see it in ourselves. Since the publication […]