A hectic autumn awaits

At long last, the first tentative signs of economic recovery are in the air. And pay rounds, budgeting rounds and appraisals will be keeping us busy these coming months. As a result everything seems to be buzzing with renewed energy. We see it in our clients and we see it in ourselves.

Since the publication of our spring newsletter, two new partners have been added to the network: Van Heeswijk HR consultancy (Jacqueline van Heeswijk) and Madeforreward (Jeroen de Beijer).

Jacqueline van Heeswijk is a highly experienced assessment psychologist. As a follow-up to an organisational project we have conducted development assessments for senior management positions on behalf of a client in professional services.

Jeroen de Beijer has an extensive track record in the field of employment terms and consulting. His strengths include communications and project management.

These past months our collaboration with Mercer has intensified. This means Hamstra & Partners has access to Mercer’s reward database and position evaluation methodology IPE.

This does not alter the fact that many of our clients use alternative systems and reward databases. It goes without saying that we will maintain our broad expertise and independent position.